Monday, October 24, 2011

Bike Ride

October 10, 2011

We got up and ran in Central Park! Can you believe it? I really didn't want to go, but it was great after I got out there. However, by the time we got to 102 Ave. on the West side, I was ready to turn back and run back the way we came. Had I known that if I had simply kept going just a little bit more, we would have ran the whole park, I would have kept going.  I didn't know that the park was only 6 miles all the way around. I thought it was much bigger. I felt bad after I found out.

What I didn't feel bad about was the WONDERFUL cinnamon bun and coffee that I had from AQ Kafe' after the run. I mean this cinnamon bun was to die for. It was sweet, but not so sweet that it made you feel bad. Plus, we got to have our coffee and bun at a table outside by the park and next to the Museum of Art and Design. Great people watching.

We also got on the subway for the first time (for this trip) today. We are usually up and down, around and around, and east to west on the subway, but this trip we have walked everywhere. So, it really felt weird to go underground to the subway. We took the tube all the way to Battery Park. We really wanted to go into the crown of the lady, but the tickets have all been sold for 2011. I guess maybe next time.

So, I decided we needed to rent bikes and ride all the way back up to Central Park and then around the park. Bike and Roll are in many different locations, and allow you to rent for a couple hours, half a day, or even overnight. They also allow you to pick up in one area and drop off in another, for an extra fee of course. What the heck was I thinking? No, it really was a GREAT way to see the city, and the bike lanes are wonderful! As I was running in Central Park, I kind of got annoyed by the bikes, but after being on the bike, I got annoyed by the runners and walkers. I really think NYC does a great job of making the outdoors accessible for the locals and those visiting.

On the way back up to Central Park, we stopped to have lunch at a pier that we found. The bar and grill is called Pier 66 Maritime, also know as "the frying pan".  It is a seasonal restaurant, and luckily, we got there the last regularly scheduled day to be open. The other days that they will be open depends on the temperature, and it was a beautiful day for us to by out on the pier and enjoying the sites. The food was fresh and really great here. I had a streak wrap, which was really tender and the greens on it gave me a vegetable. It came with a salad, which was light and another great way to get in a vegetable. The burger and fries were also delicious. I loved the seasoning on the fries. One great thing about this place was the price as well. We got a great location, good food, and it didn't break the bank.

We made it up to Central Park and biked around the park, but after that I was done. I mean done!! I really could have left the bike in the park and sat by the beautiful lake that we found if I would not have been responsible for paying for the bike. Plus, the park was way too crowded. One thing to consider is the weather and your wardrobe for biking. Don't do like we did, and bike in jeans and long sleeves in 80 degrees. The wind felt great, but the chafing is hell.

I wanted another cinnamon bun from AQ Kafe', but they were out. Should have known those would not last. So, we shared a lemon tart instead. I have to say it could not compete with the cinnamon bun, but it was pretty good. We stayed out tonight and headed for 40th street to find Midtown Comics. I am not a comic fan, but I enjoyed seeing the art and the energy in the place. Plus, it put us at a nice place to find a new restaurant to eat. 


We had dinner at Bella Vita, which was a small Italian restaurant that we saw walking one night. It advertised for their wood fire pizza, but when in NYC, I prefer to eat like a New Yorker. So, I had Ravioli, which was said to be made in house. It was good, but what I would come back for is the Fried Zucchini. The calzone also looked great, and really could be share by two it was so big. The service was good, and the food was enjoyable. I would definitely consider going back. 

We took the long way back to the hotel and stopped to take lots of pictures. 

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