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Charleston During Clemson Game

October 15, 2011

Clemson vs. Maryland
Seabiscuit Cafe

The morning started better. Pop had his coffee, and we knew where we were going for breakfast. We headed for the Seabiscuit Cafe. Ok, this place is small and opens a little late, but it is worth it. The menu has a lot of variety, but the special board should not be ignored. I had the best blueberry/walnut french toast with a side of sausage. Again, the portions here were very large. I had four half slices or two whole slices of bread on my plate, fruit, and added the sausage on top of it. My Grams and I should have split the french toast and sausage straight up.

My sister had the Eggs Benedict, and she claims it was as good if not better than one of our favorite restaurants Tupelo Honey in Asheville, NC. I am not sure about that, but she would know better than me, because I am very picky about my eggs.  My mom had a terrific omelet with some fancy stuff in it, that was the size of a large burrito that you would get from Moe's. My Pop stuck to his classic two eggs, toast, grits, and bacon, but it looked great.

My only complaint about the place is the coffee, way too strong, and the fact that they didn't have sugar free jelly for my Pop. I know there has to be more diabetics that come in, that could benefit from the use of sugar free jelly and syrup. Price wise, they were close to IHOP or Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Some of the specials were a little more expensive. My blueberry/walnut french toast was $8.50.

Our journey for the day was to the Hunley. My Pop wanted to see the Hunley, so that was what we were going to do. I truly found it interesting. I mean, I had no idea about the history of the Hunley, and the fact that so many lost their lives in this very tiny submarine. I was also impressed that it was the first submarine to sink an enemy ship, but the mystery still remains as to what happened to the Hunley. (the website linked has great history and information)

The only thing that made it hard was seeing my Pop get so frustrated with the trip to see the Hunley. He uses his walking stick and has trouble walking far distance. In addition, he can't hear that great, and he can't see really well. So, he was unable to climb the stairs like everyone else, he could not hear the gentleman telling us about the submarine, and he could not really see the Hunley because it was submerged in water and the reflection made it hard for even me to see it. Add on the fact that we treat him like he is a child and can't do anything, and I can't blame him for getting super frustrated.

However, what did make the trip worth it was to see him making friends with another older gentleman sitting on a bench with him. They were talking about the war, family, and having trouble getting around. I think it made him feel better that he was not the only one. He is such a kind, intelligent, and hard working man, and I can't express how much I look up to both him and my Grams for all they have accomplished in their lives. I simply want him to be able to enjoy this time and not have to struggle so much. I know that I need to put more into making an effort to see them more.

After the Hunley, it was time to head to the condo for Pop's nap, but first lunch!!! Just to let you know, I don't like hot dogs. I might eat a hot dog once or maybe twice a year depending on what my options are. However, I really enjoyed Jack's Cosmic Dogs.

First off, it is a little dive on the side of the road off highway 17 in Mt. Pleasant. I think they have two other locations, but this one is the one we stumbled upon. The place is over stimulating, and has a definite 50's feel to it. I was overwhelmed going in, but was excited about the menu. So, we ordered two Atomic Dogs for my Grams and Pop, one Black Beancake, one chili dog (without dog), and two Cosmic Dogs. They are famous for their Cosmic Dogs, so we had to try them. They have chili, blue cheese slaw, and their sweet potato mustard. I thought it sounded gross, but hey "when in Rome". We also had their fresh cut french fries.

I split the Cosmic Dog, the Chili Dog (without dog), and the Black Beancake with my sister. By far, the Cosmic Dog rocked the house. The Chili Dog (without dog) was good, but what would have been better is to get it like the Cosmic without the dog. I think that would have been perfect!! So, a hot dog bun with chili, blue cheese slaw, and the sweet potato mustard, that is the way to go. The Chili Dog (without dog) was good, but it was missing something, and the Black Beancake was also good, but had a different taste to it. The fries were out of this world, and worth going for alone.

What I don't recommend is getting the food to go. The dogs get very soggy and I don't like my bread to be mushy at all. Plus, the fries are so much better hot out of the grease. The atmosphere is too loud and overstimulating for my Pop, but it is great for a family with kids, or a group of friends hanging out. I would go back and try my own creation, which they are very happy to do for you. Another great thing about this place is it is not crazy expensive. A great place to feed the whole family and get a big meal.

The afternoon we decided to go take a carriage ride in town. My mom has never been to Charleston, and so she wanted to do a tour on the carriage. So, just the girls went out on the town to Market Street and to see the sights. I think this was my fourth carriage ride in Charleston! However, I will say our tour guide was funny and entertaining.

We ladies also decided to stop and get a dessert after the carriage ride at Kaminsky's.  A trip to Market Street is not complete for me unless we hit up Kaminsky's. They have the best desserts and great coffee or drinks.

I usually would go there late at night with a group of friends, because they close late, and what is better than a sweet dessert before going home? My Grams and mom wanted a dessert, but didn't want to make Pop feel bad because he can't eat sweets, so this was the perfect time. Everything here is great, so simply go and enjoy!!!!!!

Verona and I did a whirlwind shopping trip to the outlet shops after we dropped mom and Grams off. I needed to get in the Loft Outlet, and I wanted to check out the Converse Outlet for Mike. Let's jsut say I spent more in Charleston than I did in NYC. Sad, I know!!!!

The evening was almost spoiled by a Clemson loss, but they pulled through and beat Maryland. Thank goodness for MSN Fox Sports. I love the play action on the field, if I can't watch the game. It is great to watch on the IPad.

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