Thursday, October 27, 2011

Family Matters

My Pop had a wreck today, which scared the pee out of me. Luckily everyone is okay, and the woman he hit was very sweet to him, but then again who couldn't be. However, she was very gracious, and her son was very concerned about my Pop as well. What I fear is that this is going to scare him so badly that he gives up driving because of it.

The place he had the wreck is right in front of a new high school that they have built in my hometown, and it is a hot mess. I mean the road is all mixed up, and there are not enough lanes for the traffic that is coming and going out of the place. I am not excusing the wreck for my Pop, because his vision has decreased in the years. But, I don't think it is so bad that he should give up his independence and driving.

He has been going to breakfast with his buddies for years. He gets up at 4:30am, and heads out for breakfast at 5:50. He is waiting on the doors to open to the restaurant he goes to, and before his old one shut down, they would let him in through the kitchen around 5:30. He enjoys shooting the crap with his peers, and I think that is part of what helps him endure a life where his body is failing but his mind is sharp as a tack. (that is a big blessing)

We were very blessed that he is okay, but I don't think his truck is going to make it. It was old, and the damage was just enough to probably make it a totaled vehicle. So much for not spending our inheritance, just kidding.

The other GREAT thing my sweet Grams did today was leave me a wonderful message on my cell phone telling me that I should check out Dr. Oz's program because it is about "butt" fat and "belly" fat. Yes, my own Grams calls me up to tell me I need to watch a show on ass fat and belly fat. If my Pop's wreck was not enough to put me in a funk well that just pushed me over the edge.  Nothing like keeping it real Grams, thanks!!!

In case you want to know if I took her advice and looked the show up, I can honestly say yes I did. I came away just as self conscience as before, but now know there is no hope to change my pear shape body, and I should go ahead and eat a cookie b/c I am a junk food addict as well. Wow, all that because my Grams thinks my ass is too big! My Grams is great, so I guess I will let her by this time.

I MUST try to tone up this dimply pear of mine, so the My Fitness Pal continues, and starting November 1st, 2011 I will start training for a race and working out 6 days a week. Only a few more day to get it all together.

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