Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hanging Out Day

October 14, 2011

Just another day at the beach. Boy is it great to be able to have my coffee on the balcony, listen to the ocean, and watch the sunrise. We got up early to go out to breakfast with Pop, but I guess he got frustrated waiting on us and not being able to see good, so he went back to sleep.


Verona and I went out to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast for everyone and we ate way later than Pop usually eats. He was still tired from the day before so we took the day to chill at the beach. That means a nice long walk on the beach, to take pictures and maybe find a shell or two. It feels great to have have the sand on your feet, the salty air in our hair, and the water around your ankles. 

Lunch was a Windjammer day. The have pretty good hamburgers, and Pop rated their BBQ sandwich higher than Brick Street Cafe back home. I am not too sure of that, but he really thought it was better. I think we simply starved him until he would think anything was good. 

The ladies decided to head out to look around during the afternoon. We went to the pumpkin patch, the farmers market, and even found the target. Who doesn't need to know where the target is? We really just had a great time together, while Pop hung out at the condo. 
Seafood was on the menu for dinner, so Shem Creek we went. Our Pop loves fried Oysters, and to be totally honest, they are not the easiest to find in the area. Everyone seems to serve them steamed or raw. We found them though, and he was a very happy man. I was not really hungry, so I tried the fish taco appetizer. Please take these off the menu!!!!!! They were gross, and I LOVE me some fish tacos. The boom boom sauce was not even close to being good, and the fish tacos left a greasy dirty taste in my mouth. Highly disappointed.

Now, let's talk about my Gram's Prime Rib plate. Holy smokes, that steak was out of this world, and she ordered the smaller portion. I could not believe how big it was Thank goodness she and my mom shared the plate. Again, we believe in sharing. Plus, it saves so much money. Verona ate off the appetizer menu as well, but I think she had much better luck than I did.

My eating out money tips: split plates, order off the appetizer menu, and don't order drinks.

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