Monday, October 24, 2011

Home From New York and Pack for Charleston

October 12, 2011

We flew home today, so the morning left us just enough time for a bagel and a quick walk to the park.
We grabbed a few hings last minute and finished packing. We decided to take a Lincoln Town Car back to the airport. It was comfortable and an easy ride. Why did we do the shuttle? Oh, yeah the adventure. Funny how that seems to decrease as the trip comes to an end.

 I had to get home to wash clothes, pack for warm weather, and get my family settled for the ride to Charleston.  It goes by way too fast, and I only wish we would have been able to stay maybe forever. Too bad it cost way too much to live in NYC. Especially when counselors and Child Life Specialist don't make that much more for the cost of living.

Home to see my sweet boy, and then I was off to Charleston with the family. I will report on all the food I ate there next!

Until tomorrow.

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