Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Last Day In Charleston

October 16, 2011

Wake up to being able to see the sunrise on the balcony again. That is a great way to end the trip.

We went to Acme Cantina for breakfast on our last morning in Isle of Palms. Just a warning before you go in here, bring a jacket!! It was freezing, and if I was cold, it had to be really cold. I would think that it would feel good during summer with much higher temperatures and humidity, but it was a cool pleasant morning. I don't know why they needed the air on so high, and didn't really do much about it even though a lot of people complained.

I have to say that the grits here were really good, and I could have simply eaten those for breakfast because of the amount you get. My Grams and I split the gravy biscuits, which were surprisingly good. Their sausage gravy had a lot of sausage, and had a great flavor. The only problem with the grits and gravy is that it cooled down so quickly, it made it not enjoyable. I think I would have really relished my food and the company if I could stop thinking about getting out of the Arctic.

We had to check out today, which was sad. I was just really beginning to relax some. However, we were going to meet a friend of mine for lunch that I have not seen in 5 or 6 years. I mean you would think I would have seen her more, since she only lives 3.5 hours away, but no.

The really great thing is we met her at Cracker Barrel, and by this time no one was hungry, so my sister, my Grams, and I all split one plate. This is how we really should have been doing it all along. We could have saved money, calories, and out waist sizes. That is how it always goes, I figure it all out on the day we leave.

Now, it is home sweet home to my baby Argie, and back to the real world of work, house upkeep, and never enough time. Why does it always seem that vacation comes in goes so quickly, but Monday though Friday on a work week creeps by?

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