Monday, October 24, 2011

Last Full Day

October 11, 2011

Last full day in New York.

Had Breakfast at La Parisienne, which was the best breakfast that we have experienced. The service was out of the world, the food was delicious, and the prices were even better. I can't believe we didn't come here before this day. We saw it, but never went until our last day. If you want a GREAT breakfast, and are close to Central Park, this is where you go. Plus, they open early.

I did stop by to grab a cinnamon bun on our way back to the hotel for later. I was at Bryant Park writing and hanging out with the locals. It was a little cooler today, that was a bonus. I love New York in the fall, but I admit I miss it being colder. 

Today was an adventurous day. We decided to get on the subway and head to Chinatown to see what we might be missing. Nothing much! We also walked around the financial district and hung out talking before we were to be back for "How to Succeed". It seems like we didn't do that much, but I think we walked more today than any other day. Just being outside walking and talking.

We did stop by Juniors to grab a little snack before the show. I had a simple pound cake that was perfect. I wanted a lemon slice, but they were out, it must be TERRIFIC. I do think this has become one of my favorite places in NYC. 

The evening was for "How to Succeed", and it was amazing. The set and the dancing were fantastic. I have to give it to both Radcliffe and Larroquette, they really made the show. It was funny, exciting, and had a totally different energy than Wicked. I can't say I liked it better, because I loved the story line of Wicked. However, this show stood all on its own. I am so very glad we decided to get tickets to the show.

After the show we ate cheap at Shake Shack. This place you can't miss. It is up in lights, and it is a very busy place. It is a greasy spoon place, but the burgers are good, and the fries are great. It is not a place to hang out, because it is loud. I also think that because it is so busy, it is a little rude to hang out there when so many people are trying to get a seat. It is cheap, quick, and filling.Wish I would have tried the shake though.

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