Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Real Time

So, we have skipped ahead 10 days, and are now back in real time, but it was nice to relive the vacation a little. Now, I am ready to go somewhere else. My next trip is not until November 10th-14th for the COCA conference in Biose, Idaho. I have never been to Idaho, so I am looking forward to it.

For now, I am focusing on our Fall Carnival at work, and also trying to plan a trip for our teens to go to Savannah, Georgia. I am also trying to get my final licensure for my License Professional Counselor status. I have completed all my hours, and now all I have to do is get my paperwork in.

My Goal Size! (I am the one in the middle)
So, starting November 1st, I am going to sign up or a race and start training, as well as make a plan for my workout schedule. I did boot camp for a while, but I am trying to save money and not have to spend more to get back in some sort of shape. I have the P90X videos, Turbo Kick, and many other DVDs I could do at home. I just have to dig deep and get going.

I am using the My Fitness Pal app right now to start tracking my calories. It is amazing how many calories add up in your day that you don't simply think about. Let's just say I have been going to bed VERY hungry at the end of the past few days. 

So, if you read this silly blog of my life, you may hear some about this struggle, and please feel free to call me a looser if I can't get myself motivated and together somehow. I really need the ridicule and name calling to help me get my fat, yes fat, ass up and moving.

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