Monday, October 24, 2011

All Around Town

Yes, I am still back dating, so hang in there.

October 8, 2011

We woke up early in hopes to get Stand-by tickets to SNL. Haha!!! When we arrived at NBC studios, we were surprised that no one was there. We thought we were in great shape to get the tickets. Little did we know everyone was on the other side of the building. Once we got to the correct side to wait for the give out of tickets, we knew it was never going to happen, but we stayed for the experience. We ended up finding out in line that Ben Stiller and Foster the People were going to be on the show. We were the 138th and 139th people to take tickets to the live show, not to mention the other 137 that took stand-by tickets to the dress rehearsal.

Next we were off for breakfast. Now, I am a pretty spontaneous person, yeah right, but I am ok at going with the flow at times. But, finding breakfast in NYC in the morning is not as easy as you would think. Most places didn't open until 8:00, and that to me is late on a Saturday. Even the very cool looking bagel shop on the street of our hotel didn't open on Saturday at all. I was confused. So we ended up at Ben Ash (857 7th Ave between 54th St & 55th St) , that was a horrible experience.  I had my eye on an Irish Pub that served breakfast, but we ended up at the worst place in town I think. The service was crap, and the food was terrible, especially for the price. Whatever you do, stay away from this place. Warm nuts from the street vendors would look like a 5 star restaurant compared to this place.

Central Park was the next spot. A lovely walk in the park to take lots, and I mean lots of pictures. The weather was so great, it really would have been a crime not to have been outside. So, a couple hours taking pictures and exploring the park was just what the doctor ordered. However, in my mind, the Wicked lottery was also a big must try for. So, that meant walking back downtown to get in line for the lottery, which we were way too early for, so we watched people on Broadway. NYC is such a melting pot, that we would sit and watch people and try to guess country, local or not, and together or not together. It was a great game.

So much for the Wicked lottery, but that did not stop me from making a plan to be back to try again at 5:30pm. I mean it really is a great chance at being able to get two front row tickets to see Wicked for only $26.25 each. Yes, it is a gamble, but hey why not try? Plus, while in line you meet great people. We met three women that we made a pack with in case we one of us won more tickets than we needed. That is a great way to win also. Not only with your own name, but make friends in line, and if you are lucky, you might win off them as well. We really enjoyed talking to them! Off for some NYC Pizza at Ray's Pizza, some of the best tasting, greasy, crusty bottom NYC pizza you can have. Plus, if you are on a budget, it is pretty cheap.

So, next we thought we would catch the American Museum of Natural History. Okay, I have to say the place is impressive, but if you are expecting anything like the movie "A Night at the Museum", be ready to be disappointed. Yes, I was delusional in believing that I would see the little miniatures and some of the other exhibits in the movie. I was astonished by the size of the place and the great amount of exhibits that they have in the museum, and I think it is worth seeing. Just don't go when you have a lot to do, and plan to have a lot of people stopping to take pictures of themselves or other family members at the dinosaur exhibits. Also, remember that the admission is a donation, and that you can name your own price to go in. I am in no way telling you to give them a dollar for the whole family, but $20.00 a person (adult) is a lot if you have several people in the family.

Back to Wicked for the lottery, and no we didn't win for the second try. Nap time, b/c in NYC when you get up at 5:30 to stand in a line, you deserve a nap in the middle of the day. However, that means that you are up later and out you go again back into the wild. We thought we would at least try to get into SNL, but we walked to NBC studios and the guard said we should give up. Thanks to that wonderful man, who took interest in us, and was up front with us. We could have waited in line again today, but he took pity on us, and told us to go have a drink and dinner.

It is tradition that while in NYC we go to a movie.  We usually go at some crazy hour like 3:00am, but since SNL was off the table we took it to mean we should go then. We saw Real Steel, which was a really great movie. I enjoyed it way more than I thought I was going to. I really had no idea it would be that funny, witty, and Hugh Jackman is not bad to look at either. After the movie, we walked back uptown and decided to eat at Carnegie's Deli

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