Monday, October 24, 2011

New York City Vacation

Ok, I didn't have have a blog until after my vacation, so I am post-dating a few of my blogs to get caught up. Sorry, but I have been busy, and blogging was on my mind, but not in my scheduled time. Now, it will be along with exercise!

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Left work at 2:30 to get to the GSP airport, which is such a great airport, because you don't have to be there three hours early to get through like other larger airports. I love flying out of GSP, and they are always adding more direct fights, which we did get. Small plane, but no time wasted with layovers.

We arrived at LGA airport in Queens at 4:00. I have not tried JFK airport, but that is on my To Do List. We always struggle with how to get to the hotel. I always like the adventurous way. Let's see if we can get there as cheap as possible, and who cares if we get lost on the way. Well, I do get frustrated if we get lost on the way. So, we opted for the shuttle at LGA. I have to say that it was interesting, and boy can they pack 13 other people in one van. However, the nice thing is we get to meet new people, and I like to talk to those around me if they are receptive.

We made it to Dream, our hotel at around 7:30, and I could feel the excitement of the city. However, we had to check in and get settled before we were going out. Plus, I had to brush my teeth. Nothing like brushing your teeth after a flight and shuttle ride, a little new deodorant never hurts either.

Our room was much bigger than the one I stayed in at the Hudson, and we had plenty of room to move around. The bathroom was large, and it was clean. The thing about NYC hotels is, you can get on priceline and get a good deal, but you never know the size of the place you are getting. My advice is really look at the hotel and the size of the room. Some people may not care about the size, and at times I don't depending on who I am traveling with. This trip I cared how big the room was.

Dream is in a great location between Time Square and Central Park, which is right where we wanted to be. Other times we have stayed in other locations throughout the city, but for this trip we wanted to be close to the park and near all the things we planned to do for the really four days we had.

The only negatives I have for the hotel are the halls are tiny and feel like they are going to close in on you, but I can get over that. However, the clubs for me are a little much. We are not the glamorous NYC type. We don't need a guarded club to make us feel special, and we definitely don't want a lot of loud bumping music at 2:00 in the morning. Other than that, the hotel was pretty cool.

We hit the streets to walk down to Time Square and started making plans for the short stay. All of our stays are way too short for us. If you have never been to NYC, simply prepare yourself for lots of people bumping into you. I have NEVER gotten use to that, even though I love this city. Most of the tourist traps are going to be that way, but step one block over, and it gets better. Just be prepared to get annoyed at times.

We try not to go into tourist places when we go somewhere, but I had a gift card to Hard Rock, so we ate dinner there. We thought our wait would be forever, so we snuggled up at the bar, but as soon as we ordered food at the bar, we were up. The appetizers were pretty good. I had the chicken fingers, which had a kick, and the potato skins were a little sweet compared to how I like them. However, the food was horrible. We split a BBQ plate, which took forever, and it was nasty. I mean really, I have no other words for it but gross. Plus, like all Hard rock Cafes, the place was way too loud for just flying in. I think we should have waited to come here until another night other than Friday.
My advice, stick to more color.

Back to hotel to sleep.

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