Monday, November 26, 2012

First Surgical Day

The morning started with chaos and simply trying to get everything organized for the day.

The first group of kids were waiting on me before I knew it. It took me a while to get the playroom ready, and my teaching material, but it all worked out.

The first set of eight patients all came with i.v.s started, which was what I was afraid of! I was not here early enough to help with that, but luckily they got the first group back quickly and the surgeries were underway.

My second group of patients and families were not far behind. So, it has gone smoothly with teaching. I usually can get all of a set of eight done together before they get too distracted.

With 45 surgeries today, repeating myself five times is not too bad! It is beginning to feel like the mission that my heart needed, and I am glad that the day has ended up being more positive than expected.

The kids are tired, hot, hungry, and frustrated. However, with the exception of maybe three or four they have been fantastic!

The battle of the i.v. before surgery was lost, but I would say less than half actually had them when they got to me. So, we saved half of the kids the trauma having to have an i.v. while awake.

Most of the patients and families have coped well with the long day, and for those that are not coping well, the medical team is very willing to change the order of the schedule to accommodate!

The Operation Smile team and most if the locals have been fantastic to work with!
I even got a tv brought in to show movies on tomorrow! I have to go buy a bunch tonight.

It really is amazing what these families go through to get here, and what they endure to do whatever necessary for their children! This is what being a parent truly is about!

Highlights of the day:
My new friend Christian who I escorted into the Operating Room
Watching Christian and his father play together.
The day being more positive than expected.
Working with Carolyn our nursing coordinator.
Sharing pictures of my life with the kids.
Consoling families as they wait for their child, and seeing their joy when they are reunited with them
Watching my last eight patients walk back into the operating room like champs!

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