Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fun Bonding Day

Today was our official day off in Cebu!

Most if the team went to the prison at 7:30 in the morning to watch the prisoners do several choreographed dances. These prisoners are famous on you tube, for a thriller dance and a few others.

I stayed at the hotel to get the game started, which was good in the beginning.
However we all know it went to pot later! Mojitos helped with that blow!

At half time the group was freed from the prison, so we took off to a resort to be on the beach and be somewhere away! It was a nice day of some sun, quiet, and relaxation.

Even though it was a great location it was hard to be there and know right next door is really poor! However that is what it is like even at our hotel!

I really did enjoy getting out away from hotel to see more of the city and how people really live. The dogs in these countries always make me sad, but I love watching the children. Today we saw some playing with goats and chickens, and others jumping up and down in the back of a truck. Or, my favorite is a young child squished between two adults on a moped!

You see so much on the trips out it is hard to take it all in, much less capture it all in pictures.

The evening ended with our name game for operation smile which I am reminded how much I love torturing my campers and making them play it.

We also had a nice surprise and got to meet Dr. Bill MaGee and his wife Cathy MaGee who are the founders of Operation Smile. Dr. MaGee gave a lovely speech that was inspiring and energizing!

We also had our first big team meeting! I learned that my poor sweet babies are going to have to endure more trauma by getting an I.V. before going into surgery. I don't agree or like this, but will have to cope and adjust while helping the kids and families do the same.

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