Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hump Day

It is Wednesday and it is the hardest day of the mission. Everyone is pretty tired, a little cranky, and if not careful can make mistakes. Good thing our theme today is wacky hat day!

So the morning started with eight tiny little lips, 28 palates, and ended with five lips again! It was a quicker day because the average age even for the palate was 2-4years of age, with a few older ones added in, which is such a drastic change from watching Wilson who was 26 and still had an open palate. The younger the better!

The kids today were really happy, especially in the morning! Even the little babies seemed to go back to the operating room with no problem . The whole day had just been smooth, which I hope continues for the next day and a half!

It was hard this morning when all the young mothers were crying when their babies went back! Me not being a mom I can't fully relate, but I can see their fear, which then makes me cry. So basically we all were a crying mess this morning at 7:00.

However, the day got much better! I had a lot of fun toddlers and young school age patients, which is always fun! We spent time playing ball, rolling cars over and over, and coloring, which is very therapeutic! A lot of the slightly older kids got into puzzles, which thank goodness I have a ton of! Even the parents like to put these together, so it works to keep the 2 hour wait from becoming too mind numbing.

Highlights of day:

Watching kids and parents reactions to movies. Those who have never seen a movie, it is priceless to watch their expressions
Wilson and Randolph went home today.
Playing cars, ball, and puzzles all day.
Having kids be happy even though it has been a long day.
Everything going much smoother for everyone on mission!
Team making sure they don't eat it drink in front of children.

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