Thursday, November 29, 2012

Last Full Day of Surgery

It is amazing to me what we take for granted In the U.S. a simple thing like a magna-doodle is new to a lot of these children and adults. It is fun to watch their excitement over new toys or when they figure out it does something cool.

The movies are exciting for the kids and the parents. Today I had to ask parents to leave the area to make room for new families simply because they wanted to watch the movies. It really has been a great distraction for their very long wait!

I just don't want to see Tangled, Up, Cinderella, or Rio for a long while!

Our schedule was packed with 43 surgeries today, which was busy! However, I really enjoyed the patients! I was sad to see we had a lot of older palates again today, but I have to feel the surgery will give them opportunities to work on their speech!

I received another letter today from a young man. I don't know why he gave it to me, but it was a lovely letter thanking the team and expressing his desire for God to bless us. It was a really sweet letter that I hope I can read in our team meeting tomorrow! No proposal letters yet, but I can always hold out for one!

It really breaks my heart that these children have to wait so long without food or drink. The schedule really works to get the youngest in first, but with so many young children some have to wait until 4:00 or later to go to surgery. In a third world or developing country food is very important, take that away and it is hard for young children especially to understand.

I plan on organizing the pictures when I get back to a better before and after sequence. It is hard to do from my phone. It really is amazing to see the difference, especially if I can get shots of the kids as they come back for follow up.

Highlights of the day:

Another smooth day of surgeries with little complications.
Letter from Ciriaco Torres
Giving out toys to kids
Michael and Finola- wonderful couple from Ireland who are still so much in love! Inspiring to watch them.
Being able to see some if the follow up patients. Don't usually get to do that!
Mary Joy doing well and went home

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