Sunday, December 9, 2012

Away for home

It is Sunday morning and I was suppose to be up early and ready, but I slept through my alarms. Thank goodness for Leo!!

Got up and got ready quick to make it to airport in time for flight. I am ready to go home, but it is still bitter sweet.

It is time to go home, and I find I am sad. From the connection to the patients and Operation Smile team to hanging with Janet and the wonderful guides from Uncharted Philippines, it is hard to say goodbye to so many really great people!

I feel that all the people I have met has become part of my family. We had a such a great team of international volunteers for Op. Smile, and I would welcome any of them to my small home in Easley anytime!

Same goes for the great guides I met during my trip. Dax. Jody, and Leo are welcome with anyone they want to bring, especially their sweet wives I had the pleasure to meet!

I really have enjoyed the connections of friendships that I feel will be lifelong. I know on past missions I have kept in touch with a select few of the team, but I truly hope I can work with and keep in touch with so many from this team.

I pray for the best for everyone on this mission, especially all the patients and their families. I am just lucky to get the chance to travel after the mission, but my heart lies with the people we get a chance to help.

Yesterday in Taal I saw two people that could benefit from Operation Smile, and I hope that they take the chance to find a screening in the near future. It really is amazing how many people we have the chance to touch their lives!

Thank you for keeping up with this amazing experience with me. I hope to post one more time after getting home. I could not do this without the support of my job, family, and friends! Love you all, and appreciate all the opportunities you provide me.

Much love.

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