Monday, December 3, 2012

First Day in Palawan

We left our sweet team members in Cebu at 7:30 for the airport to head to Palawan.
We had an hour flight to Puerto Princesa, where we met our tour guide Dax and our driver Art.

We took a drive to Sabang stopping at several locations to see sights and visit local scene. The country side is absolutely beautiful and more like what I thought Philippines would look like! Lush, gorgeous landscape, and lots of beautiful sites. Not the city that we have been in!

We spent time visiting a few local places, checked into our very rustic lodge, and headed to lunch in town. After lunch we were scheduled for the subterranean river.

The boat ride out was absolutely beautiful
and it river area was so absolutely gorgeous! The boats were great out on the water! The river and cave was neat, but our tour guide made it a lot of fun! He had a great sense of humor, and made the tour enjoyable!

The only thing that I didn't like were the monkeys. One started running after me hissing and would not leave me alone!
I had this vision of getting attacked and bitten and spending a week in the hospital getting rabies shots! Not ok with me!

After the river and cave, we went on a short hike to check out a zip line and to go to a private beach to swim! The water was warm and soft! It felt amazing!

After the beach we took the coastline back to hotel to get ready for dinner! We ate at Green Verda, and had a great chicken curry dish! Lovely meal!!!

Afterwards, drinks at hotel to use wifi and hang out just in time to get back to hotel before electricity is shut off at 11:00. Very rustic hotel, but love it!!

Tomorrow is going to be a full day, so gonna rest up for it!

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