Monday, December 3, 2012

Heading to El Nido

Woke up for a quick run and workout on the beach with Dax! Beautiful morning and got a chance to see the sun start to rise. It felt good to do something early!

We got packed up and had our breakfast to start our trek to El Nido. Got on a packed shuttle to get to the depot for another shuttle. Roads were nice until the paved roads ended, and the driver decided to drive faster.

Riding in the van for 4-5 hours with other passengers on a very bumpy dusty road is not quiet what I thought it would be like.
It does feel like we are traveling like a family though. When people need something we stop, when someone needs to go to comfort room (restroom) we stop, and if there are those that need to get off or get on the van we stop. It is an interesting concept! I thought I would sleep due to getting up early, but that is not going to happen, even for me!

Made it to El Nido!!! Checked into hotel! Wifi!!! Still no hot water though! I was so looking forward to a hot shower! The sad thing is I am getting a little use to it!

Had lunch out, and then rented sea kayaks! It was a lovely ride out! I was in a double kayak with Dax and Janet wanted a single. The beach is so lovely and still such soft warm water!

Somehow Janet talked me into returning in on the single kayak and it was so light it was hard to get it to move in the water! After paddling all the way back, I was tired and ready to get out!

Showered up, taking part in two for one drinks and off to get dinner! Maybe a little music at a local bar!

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