Saturday, December 8, 2012

Last full day in Philippines!

I arrived in Manila on the 3:30 bus that got here at 5:30, and had enough time to change clothes and wash hair before leaving for yet another car ride! My feet are so swollen!

Yet, this is the last adventure before heading home and it involves a hike and volcano. So, off I went with Leo to Taal.

We had to drive about three hours to get to boat that took us across the lake to the volcano. We hiked up the ridge and had a breathtaking view at the top. The volcano is still active and you could see the water bubbling and steam coming from off the walls of the lake.

We spent a little time here taking pictures and hiking around edge before going back down and back on boat across lake. The actually structure is lake inside volcano that is inside lake inside bigger volcano. Crazy, I know!

After, we travelled to the top of the ridge to see view of lake and to eat lunch at pizza place. Leo then took me to the town of Taal to see the largest Catholic Church in Asia, two houses that were used during the Philippine Revolution, and another church that was built with an Asian influence.

We then went to the market to buy gifts and you will never guess what I found!!! Clemson shorts! Yes, even here in the Philippines they know who the best team is!!!!

While in the market I also got groped by several begging women, who Leo tried to get to leave me alone. Luckily I am good at ignoring people. However I hate it when they use their kids. I can't say no to the kids, so it was time to get out of there!

We made the long drive back, and picked up Leo's wife for dinner at the market, where I bought a few things! Yes, I have been here 2 and 1/2 weeks and I still need to buy people stuff!

Now, I am tired, smelly, and can't wait to get a bath. I have to pack and be up at 2:30 to leave at 3:30 for airport! Time to go home!!!!

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