Monday, December 3, 2012

Second Day in Sabang

The morning started leisurely with breakfast and coffee at DabDab!

Dax our tour guide requested that we do the zip line first and then the mangrove tree tour. I was terrified of the zip line, but paid for it so I would not back out!

We rode this crazy jeep to the mangrove tour start and took a bamboo boat to the entrance of the hike up to the zip line. Hiked up to the top and got suited up for the ride! OMG it was so high, so I backed out at the last minute!!!

Not really! Dax went first, and once I saw him go, I was good! It was a lovely 800 meter ride off the side of the mountain, over the ocean, to a small hut on the peninsula. It was so nice I really would have liked to have done it again, simply because I would be more relaxed!

We took the mangrove boat tour next, which was very relaxing! It is really nice what they are trying to do to support the islands here in the Philippines! From the mangroves to the reefs, they really are trying to conserve their lands and sea.

Our tour guide even sang us a song about the mangrove and was a sweet older man. However, I could not understand a word he said the whole time!

After the boat tour we took a wonderful dip in the ocean and laid out on the beach before going back to our rustic lodge for freshening up and lunch. I am hoping to not come back as pale as I left!

We took our time at lunch, and to be totally honest I could have taken a nap, but we got started and headed to a waterfall that spilled into the ocean. It was a nice but tricky walk on a very rocky coastline, but it was definitely worth it.

The waterfall had three pools that were nice and refreshing. Plus, the view was amazing on both sides. Waterfall on one side, ocean on the other!

Now time to sit on beach, have a drink, and think about dinner. We will then hang at the Sheridan resort to use their wifi and have drinks before going back to our rustic lodge.

We will need to be up early in the morning to start our trip to El Nido, which Dax says is way more beautiful than here! I can't wait to see it!

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