Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Travel Day and truly hump day!

Well, the morning started with a little excitement. Walked into bathroom and was washing my hair when I noticed something on the door. Looked closer and it was one of the biggest spiders I have ever seen. I did get my hair washed, but after that I was out of there. Janet looked at it and decided she didn't want to tackle it either, so I ran out and got the security guard to help us.

Poor sleeping security guard wakes up to an American woman with a towel wrapped around her head screaming about a big spider in her room. Plus, it was raining bc of the typhoon coming in. His morning started as exciting as ours.

He did kill the spider after using spray. Now I wish I would have taken a picture of it after he had killed it.

So we get all packed up and ready after the exciting morning to catch the bus back to Peurto Princesa to catch flight to Manila.

Our ride to the bus depot was an adventure. They use these "tricycles" to get around, which is a motorcycle with a side seat connected to it and covered on front and back. Lets just say this is not the best in a downpour with a ton of luggage .

I was the lucky one with the outside seat, which meant I got to experience the soft rain that was coming down! I had to keep one leg out to make sure luggage did not fall out as well.

We get to the bus depot and get settled and I decide to read my emails that I received right before leaving hotel and wifi. Our flight to Manila is cancelled due to the typhoon, but we made the 6:00 bus so off we go to Peurto Princesa.

Time to regroup and make a new plan. After a lot of running around and help from Dax and his wife, we bought a new flight out from a different airline to get us back to Manila so we don't lose another day.

Stopped off at a local market before getting to airport, where they did not want to let me on because the ticket agent put both tickets in Janet's name. However they finally allowed me to get a boarding pass.

Made it to Manila! Waiting on Leo, our next guide to pick us up and take us to his parents' bed and breakfast for a shower before we have to board a bus at 10:00pm to get to Banaue by 6:00am.

I will be off the grid for a couple of days but will update when I am back in Manila on Saturday. Coming home soon!

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